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Anti-Spam personal mail accounts.

Tired of Spam? Not interested in making $70,000/year working from home, or getting hot stock tips and investment opportunities from fake addresses? Spam is the unsolicited phone call of the internet world. Unfortunatly, there is no unlisted number. People are forced to give out their email in online transactions, and contrary to popular belief or promises from vendors, these lists are sold.

To combat this problem, people began creating filters to stop email from certain addresses. The filter lists would grow and require constant attention. Even worse, spammers would use fake addresses that could be easily changed, ie. abc1234@hotmail.com, abc2345@hotmail.com, etc. Something more drastic needed to be done.

Enter the CyberShot Personal Mail Filter. The way the mail filter works is the reverse of the above case. Instead of saying who can't mail you, it says who can mail you, similar to having an unpublished number and giving it out to only your friends. It also has the abililty for people to request addition to your list online. You have to grant premission for a person to email you. Addresses that are not allowed receive a warning email stating that the email was not sent because they were not authorized. All the lists are managed online using a web browser in the Admin section.

  • Will I know if someone tried to mail me and it bouced? Yes. There is an option to capture email addresses that were not allowed. These addresses can then be added to your allow list.
  • Will I need to change my mail settings? No. Nothing changes on your machine. Your filter mail address would be <YOURNAME>@cybershot.com and all mail would be forwarded to your current email account.
  • How much does the service cost? The service is free to CyberShot hosting clients. Personal accounts are $2.99/month.
  • Do I need to have my own email account already? No. We can provide the mailbox as well for an additional fee of $1.99/month. Most people choose to open a free account at one of the many webmail sites (Hotmail, Popmail, etc).
  • How do I sign up? Online signup will be available shortly. Please send an email to mail_filter_signup@cybershot.com to have your account setup.

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