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Reliable, affordable web hosting with detailed reporting.

Many companies out there are doing web hosting, but which one is right for you? All promise near 100% uptime and availablity. Some have redundant servers in case one fails (we do). All claim to be the best. In truth, it comes down to service. What are they willing to do for you, and what are you going to get nickel'd and dime'd for?

Web hosting at CyberShot Systems is $20/month (lower rates available for multiple sites). Setup is included. Mailboxes are included. Mail filtering is included. Detailed weekly reporting is included. Registering or transfering domain registrations is included.*

If you are looking for hosting, please contact us at hosting @ cybershot.com

* CyberShot Systems maintains the Tech Contact - Admin and Billing Contacts are registered to the domain owner.

    Relevant information for registering domains:
  • Tech Handle: DI60
  • Nameserver 1: ns.cybershot.com
  • Nameserver 2: ns2.cybershot.com

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